Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children 661

Chapter 661
The news on the internet was escalating. The short video of Adina and Catherine arguing in the lobby went viral. The photo of the CEO of Winters Corporation standing in front of Catherine, shielding her from the journalists, had been shared more than a billion times. The number of comments was growing at a rate of thousands per second. “Oh damn! So it’s true that they are getting a divorce because someone came between them!” “His wife has fallen to the floor, yet Duke actually protected his mistress first. His mistress is his true love indeed.” “Adina is the most beautiful woman in Sea City. How is she not better than her? Why did her husband kick her out after getting married for just a month?” “Maybe her personality was too imposing, that’s why her husband chose to find another woman.” “Those who are blaming it on the victim should take some time off. Cheaters deserve to die! Homewreckers deserve to die! No matter what his wife has done wrong, it shouldn’t be a reason
Boiling water flew at Sophia and splashed all over her chest. The water was so hot that she jumped, and her palm missed Melody’s face. “Who threw hot water at me?!” Sophia was fuming. When she looked down, she saw Alden holding an empty glass. The moment she saw him, she threw all caution to the wind and ran over to grab him by the collar. Then, she swung her hand at him. Adina grabbed her hand midwing, even if it felt as if her bone was about to be crushed. “Abusing my kids while I’m not around, Sophia? It’s been years since we last met, but you’re as uncivilized as ever.” Adina flung her hand away and bent down to hug Alden and Melody. Sophia was so angry that she felt as if she was about to combust. She pointed at Melody and roared, “Your daughter slapped my son! Either let me slap her, or do it yourself!” Adina looked over and saw the palm print on Leo’s face. But Melody never took the first step to hurt others. “Mommy, it’s not Mel’s fault,” Alden said. “Leo called her a mute and spat at her.” He sounded like he was blaming himself. His granduncle had called him over to talk about the chip, so he had stepped away from Melodie for just a few minutes, but it was enough for someone to bully his sister. It was his fault. He had made his mother worry again. When Adina heard her son’s words, rage stirred in her heart. There were two things she could not tolerate: people calling her children b*stards and people laughing at Melody’s condition. Sophia had just done both.

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