Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children 660

Chapter 660
“Let’s go over and interview them!” Dozens of reporters broke through the security guards’ defensive line and surrounded the two women, whose lives were intertwined, in the lobby. Adina sat on the carpet, tears welling up in her eyes. She looked at Catherine, who was standing in front of her. Her voice choked and quivered. “If you and Duke truly love each other, I will step back and let you be together. Please just stop messing with me. Please leave my children alone.” As she said that, the expressions of the reporters who surrounded them changed. Their suspicions had actually turned out true. It had been years since they had witnessed a fight between a legitimate wife and a mistress. The reporters snapped photos of Catherine’s face in excitement. Catherine was dumbfounded at the entire situation. She remained stupefied for quite a long moment. Her face was quickly recognized by reporters. “Excuse me, are you Miss Catherine? The famous psychiatrist from overseas?” “
Madam Xavier frowned. “Is Leo crying again?” Leo was Sophia’s son. Every time she came to the Xavier mansion, she brought him with her, and he always caused trouble. Madam Xavier could not be bothered and wanted to continue talking, but Adina had a bad feeling. She got up and went to the door. Right when she opened it, she saw Sophia bringing her hand up and swinging it at Melody. Meanwhile, Melody still had a blank look on her face. She did not seem aware of the impending danger. “Stop!” Adina roared and charged over. Sophia narrowed her eyes and made sure to swing her hand even faster. She had always hated Adina, because even though Adina was not part of the Xaviers, she got all the benefits only a Xavier could get. Meanwhile, Sophia received no limelight, even though she was a true lady of the Xaviers. Later, Adina had a one-night stand with a man and became the main character of practically all nude photos in Sea City, which had delighted Sophia a lot. After Adina gave birth to her b*stards and Dew said that she set the warehouse on fire before committing suicide because she wanted to escape being punished, Sophia clapped her hands in joy. But she did not expect that Adina would one day come back alive. And the moment she returned, she started causing trouble for her! ‘Hmph! Even if I can’t do anything to Adina, I can still slap her b*stard.’ She swung her hand swiftly toward Melody’s face.

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