Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children 659

Chapter 659
All of Catherine’s dignity was trampled on the ground. Her tears fell, and she could not stop them She sobbed and said, “Earl, you will regret this. You will regret the choice you made today.” She gave Earl a deep look. She kept looking back at Earl as she walked toward the door of the CEO’s office. As she reached the door, she raised her hand and wiped her tears off. She could be humble and yearning in front of Earl, but in the eyes of others, she would always be the woman who was on the pedestal and inviolable. Catherine walked out of the CEO’s office with her chin up and stepped into the elevator. The moment she left, the secretaries started to discuss among themselves. “They haven’t even announced their divorce yet, and the mistress is openly entering and exiting Mr. Winters’ office.” “Although this mistress is a foreign woman, she is obviously not as beautiful as Mdm. Winters. I wonder how Mr. Winters could be so blind. “He cheated after getting married for only
Part of the reason why Adina brought Melody back was because she hoped that the girl could experience more love. Her grandmother would surely love Melody just like she loved her. She whispered, “Grandmother, you’re already eighty-three years old. You shouldn’t bother about these things. I will retrieve what belongs to me by my own hands. Don’t worry. I’m no longer the ignorant lady of the Daugherty family. I will seek justice for myself and my children who died in vain…” The image of the two blue and black babies lying on the warehouse’s floor rose in her mind. Those were her sons. They had died quietly, and she did not even know where they were buried. Tears pooled up in Adina’s eyes. “Addy, my good girl, it’s all in the past now. Don’t cry…” Madam Xavier patted her back. “Stay in the Xavier mansion from now on. You can treat it as your home.” Adina nodded. Her grandmother was the leader of the Xaviers. As long as she welcomed her, Adina would stay in her home. Besides, she would not be living in the Xavier mansion without giving anything in return. Her chip would help the Xaviers climb further up the social ladder. She did not feel any guilt at all for deciding to stay. After a short while, they heard a loud wail outside.

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