Madam Winters’s Fight For Her Children 658

Chapter 658
“They are getting a divorce after only being married for less than a month. What on earth has happened during this period?” “Some people have speculated that a third person came between them. Is that really the truth? Our reporter will interview them and get the truth.” “……” As she looked at the news, the corner of Adina’s lips curled up a little. These journalists did not let her down indeed. “Addy, is it true what the news said?” Mabel’s hands were shaking. “Even if you want to get a divorce, can’t you wait just a little longer?” Adina said with an apathetic look on her face. “He will have his own children one day. I’m just fighting for my children’s rights in advance. Divorce or not, it doesn’t mean much to me.” Her husband’s name on her marriage certificate was Duke Winters, not Earl Winters. Getting a divorce with Earl did not mean much indeed. Mabel was about to say something else when Adina’s phone vibrated. She answered it and smiled indifferently. “Okay, I
Enraged, Sophia slapped him. “Why are you crying so much? What happened, are you mourning someone’s passing?” Leo Gardner, her six-year-old son, began to cry harder. “You’re horrible, Mommy! You’re a witch! I hate you the most!” Sophia was already in a bad mood, so when her son said that he hated her in public, she got so angry that she wanted to slap him again. The atmosphere in the living room became hostile from their actions. Madam Xavier’s expression turned dark, and she said, “Addy, once you sign the contract, come to my study room.” Adina nodded. She signed her name on the contract and bent down to speak to her boy. “Alden, take good care of your sister. I’ll be back soon.” Alden nodded in a mature manner and said, “I’ll take care of Mel, Mommy. Don’t worry.” Naturally, Adina was not worried. Alden had grown up to be a sensible boy in the last year and picked up the job of taking care of Melody. Adina could not take good care of them by herself because she had to leave to earn money. On days that she worked during the day, Alden took good care of Melody at home. Even though he was only four years old, he had already learned how to be a good older brother. Adina followed Madam Xavier into the study room. “Addy, you must have lived a hard life over the past four years.” Madam Xavier took Adina’s hand and let out a long sigh. “I thought that you hid yourself out of stubbornness after you left your house four years ago. I never thought that Aaron would lock you up for eight whole months! Addy, after the Daugherty family proclaimed you dead, all of your shares were transferred to your half-sister, but since you came back alive now, the Daugherty family must return the shares to you!” Adina leaned against Madam Xavier’s knee.

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