Alphas Baby by San Chapter 47

her eyes fluttering open only to squeeze shut at the bright light. Soft tufts of hair sprawled over the pillow where she pressed her face and whined. It’s then the omega realised that someone was next to her. She felt so warm. So safe. Taking a deep breath, Allie stared at the person beside her, the contact between them burning with tenderness and comfort, intense and grounding. His hand was cradling her bump, face so close that she could see all his tiny freckles marring his skin. Nate let out a soft sigh, his eyes still closed. Allie leaned back into the embrace slowly, sighing in contentment. What was Nate doing beside her? Then she recalled everything. “Allie, I had no idea what to do, so I called Nate,” Rachel had whispered, running a gentle hand over her sweaty forehead. The omega blinked at her friend slowly, her mind still woozy. “I’m sorry.” She mumbled something in return. At the mention of his name, Nate crouched beside the bed looking frazzled and dishevelled, dressed in worn grey sweatpants and his jersey. The sudden rush of his familiar pheromones eased some of the weight contracting on her chest, and Allie exhaled shakily. “Allie”, The Alpha cooed, “Can I come into your nest?” Nate moved cautiously, careful not to disrupt the walls of blankets and clothes she had built around. He settled behind her, his hands sliding down her sides reverently. It made her omega keen, fighting against the urge to drop under again. “Alpha” She blearily blinked her eyes, her voice so quiet that she was sure Nate hadn’t caught it. The moment he was beside her, cradling the bump, his hand touching her heated skin, she felt at home. The omega was able to breathe finally. She understood why, of course. They’re mates, which meant that her Omega felt a solid link to Nates Alpha and the truth that they will have a pup together. Not to mention, he just saved her from completing dropping, a feat that can only be achieved by an Alpha who she trusted wholeheartedly. Her heart raced as the words registered in her mind. She trusted him—more than anyone else in the world and already accepted him as her Alpha. What about him? Did he feel the same about her? Her breathing went shallow again, igniting another level of panic as she thought about the impending question. The omega shouldn’t be stressing over this right now, not when she’s still in such a vulnerable spot. So, Allie forced herself to let those thoughts drift away, sinking back into Nates hold and letting his soft breaths lull her into a sleepy content state. She savoured the feeling of being wrapped in the arms of her Alpha. Staying away from him made her realise how much she’s been aching for it—to be sp***ed and held and treasured. Nate fluttered his eyes open, pulling himself away when he noticed she’s fully awake. The Alpha sat up, his face red. He avoided meeting her eyes instead of staring at her bump.


“H-How are you feeling now?” Allie pulled herself in a sitting position, staring at the distance between both of them. The Alpha had come rushing to her when he realised she’s in danger. Maybe not everything’s lost between them. What if she confessed her feelings to him? “Allie?” “Huh?” “You zoned out again.” “Sorry” Her cheeks turned pink. “I asked if you are feeling okay? Do you need something?” “Umm…No” Then she realised that he might leave her and go back again. Allie quickly clutched at the sleeve of his shirt. “Can you please stay the night? I will feel safe.” Nate appeared conflicted, his lip between his teeth, but still, he nodded his head. “Okay. Just for one night.” “Thank you!” “There’s something else I wanted to say as well.” He arched his brow. “What?” Just then, they heard footsteps th****** against the floor rushing towards them. Her eyes automatically shifted to the entrance, breath caught in her throat. Ever since she came back from Harold’s packhouse, her anxiety hit the roof. It may be nothing, but she gripped Nates arm, nails digging into his flesh. The Alpha barely flinched, following her eyes, and they spotted the boots. A gasp slipped out of her when she noticed that it was none other than her brother Sam. He was holding on to the wall, head lolling back and eyes clenched shut. She couldn’t believe the sight in front of her. “Sam!” The omega immediately rushed to her brother’s side, followed by Nate. Her eyes followed the trail of blood dripping down his forehand. The apparent wound on his side of the head made her wince. His clothes were bloodied, the material of his shirt ripped at the shoulders, and the top three b***ons ripped open.


“I thought I heard someone—Oh my god!” Rachel shrieked, slapping a hand over her mouth when she noticed Sam in the corner. Allie inched closer to him. “Sam? Can you hear me?” Her brother hummed, his eyes still closed while leaning against the wall. If not for his hands gripping the edge, he would collapse on the floor. Allie couldn’t let that happen. She motioned Nate and Rachel to help him out. They managed to bring him towards the edge of the bed, fluffed the pillows before letting him rest against the headboard. “Who did this to you?” Rachel cleared her throat. “Should we call someone? Allie, he’s not breathing.” “I’m sure he’ll heal himself soon. It’s risky to involve others, especially since he’s a Pure Omega,” Nate grunted. Allie hummed at that. They were already hanging on by a loose thread. If someone found out that they had Nate in the apartment strictly meant for Omegas, they could get in trouble. She bobbed her head. “Nate is right. Just get a first aid kit. I’ll patch him up.” “Okay” Once Rachel disappeared behind the door, the omega turned towards her brother. Tears blurred her vision at his pain. Why would anyone do that to him? Why didn’t he come back to her sooner? She had so many questions. “Sam?” Her brother slowly sat up, blinking his eyes before meeting her stare. Then he shifted his attention to the person next to her—Nate. He must be wondering about him. “He’s Nate—an Alpha Hellhound and the father of my baby.” Nate shifted uncomfortably but still managed to give him a nod. “H-Hey” Sam bobbed his head. “Oh…right.” “What happened, Sam? After the way you left so abruptly, I thought you went back to your place.” Her brother shook his head. “I didn’t leave…” “Huh?”


“I mean, it’s true I left the hotel only because I wanted Harold to believe it. He knew my location and had people keeping an eye on both of us” Sam gritted his teeth. “I had to get away from there.” Allie twisted her mouth. “So you never left the town?” “No”, He breathed, wincing a second later. When she reached out for him, her brother raised his hand in the air. “I’m fine.” “I wanted to know their plan.” Allie made a sound. “That’s the stupidest thing you’ve done! You know they are dangerous, Sam. Why would you do that?” Nate patted her side, his hand never leaving hers. She knew better than to read anything into it. At least after the Alpha already made it clear nothing would happen between the two of them. The thought made her stomach twist. “I wanted to protect you, Allie. You are about to give birth to my niece or nephew, and knowing these people may kill us any day scared me. I had to find something to use against them” Sam’s voice caught in his throat. Her heart fluttered at that. The omega was convinced that he might have abandoned her after the way they left off. Her brother’s her only family, so it hurt her not having him around. Knowing that he did all for her and her unborn baby filled her heart. Sam coughed his hand on his chest. “I stayed in the woods all these days, concealed my scent and tried to trick them. Yesterday they had a huge delivery to their packhouse, so I followed them and got caught. They came after me, so I have been running from last night.” Her mouth fell slack at that. They could have easily killed him, and that thought made bile rise in her throat. He’s the only one she called family, and she didn’t want to lose him. “Thank the moon; you are safe!” Allie murmured. “Please don’t do anything like this ever again! I was worried sick for you, Sam.” “We have bigger problems to worry about, Allie.” “What do you mean?” Nate, who has been silent for a while, spoke up, his mouth pressed in a straight line. “They are ready.” “Ready for what?” “The war.” ***

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