Alphas Baby by San Chapter 46

Sitting in front of her, Nate appeared calm, which she noted bitterly. The Alpha always looked collected and sure of himself. She envied that, even more now. Allie struggled to find proper words, while Nate didn’t have to worry about any of it. Even though she may be glowing, according to all her friends but the omega was also sporting dark eye bags and messy, flattened hair. She couldn’t sleep the night before, worrying about her talk with Nate. The next morning, Allie slept in the bed for a long time, only waking up to her afternoon alarm. “Allie?” The Alpha called out, his voice cautious and hesitant. She swallowed the lump in her throat. “Sorry, I got distracted.” Nate sighed. The Alpha glanced at her before tugging on his roots; eyes narrowed together. “Why did you message me, Allie?” Even though his tone was polite and unaffected, Nate appeared irked. He glanced down at her concealed bump, breathing out loudly. What was going on through his mind? It scared her. She crossed her legs cautiously, wringing her hands together. The Alpha was sitting only a few inches away, the heat of his body making her shiver. The distance between them crackled with tension and unspoken words. A wave of his thick scent, vanilla and musk overtook her senses, mouth-watering and the urge intensifying. Allie switched to breathing through her mouth, unable to hold back. “I already told you. I want to talk with you.” “What is it you wanted to talk about?” The Alpha huffed, trying to keep his tone unaffected and most likely failing. “I want to say I am sorry…” “Please do not start with your apology! It means nothing to me!” He averted his eyes away from Allie, lips pursed into a frown. It felt like someone slapped her. She wanted to curl up in a ball in the middle of the room. Taking a deep breath, Allie met his eyes. “You have to believe me, Nate. We didn’t kill him.” Nate snorted. She put a hand on her bump. “I swear on our unborn child. My brother and I had nothing to do with his death.” Nates eyes instantly dropped to her stomach when she rested a hand on her bump almost subconsciously. His features softened. “That still doesn’t change anything, Allie. You knew that my friend was going to die. I can never forgive you for that.” She screwed her eyes. “Trust me when I say this…I wasn’t going to go through with it. The moment I found out he’s your friend, I asked Sam to wait.”


The Alpha ran a hand through his hair, a tired sigh slipping out of his lips. “Why are you telling me all this, Allie? It doesn’t change anything. Jake is gone, and I’m still going to avenge his death.” “Because I want you to forgive me!” Allie yelled, covering her face behind her hands. “I don’t want you to be angry with me anymore. We are going to have a baby in few months, Nate and our problems will affect—” Nate glowered at her. “Don’t you dare use our baby in this! Allie, do you have any idea how much you have hurt me? I thought we were in this together, sharing secrets and everything.” “We are—” “No! You led a double life! All this time, you kept killing our kind…” He cut himself off. “None of that matters anymore. Our baby will have nothing to do with any of it. Don’t worry; I will be the best father without having to do nothing with the mother of my child.” She flinched, lips quivering as those words sank in. Her vision got blurry. The omega cleared her throat, trying to push aside the hurt. “Please…You need to stop this, Nate. Harold is very dangerous. I have met him, and he’s not the Alpha you want to get in trouble with.” Nate met her eyes, fire burning in those orbs. “I don’t care how dangerous he is, Allie. He deserves to die for what he did to my friend and will do to us in the future. You said that he’s planning on declaring war on us. Don’t you think it’s better if we take it to him?” She bobbed her head. The Alpha had a point, but he won’t be saying this if he met Harold. Allie was still not over the top security of the pack-house and all those soldiers. “Yeah, but what if something happens to you?” The Alpha stood up and walked to his study table. She stared at his retreating back. What was he upto? Seconds later, he came up to her with stacks of files. Nate handed her the files. She eyed them questioningly. What’s with Alphas and the files? Days ago, she had the same experience with Harold. The Alpha pulled a chair close to her. “These are all the papers of my a**ets which will be automatically transferred to my unborn child in case something happens to me. You don’t need to worry about anything. This will take care of our child and their future generation.” “You thought this through then?” “Yes,” Nate coldly replied. “So you should stop worrying about financial issues!” It stung knowing how low he thought of her. “Do you think that’s all I’m worried about?”


“Are you not?” Allie shook her head. “Never mind. Goodbye” *** On her way out, she bumped into Ashton. He stared at her, wide-eyed, mouth parted. “What happened?” “I-It’s nothing!” She blinked back her tears. Ashton growled eyes turned into slits. “He made you cry again, didn’t he?” “I told you it’s nothing! Leave it be!” With that, she dashed out of the frat house, ignoring her best friends call. *** Allie ended up wallowing by spending the rest of her day in bed. The omega curled herself into her nest, dressed in one of Nates shirt. She couldn’t help but think about the stilted conversation with him, the pain behind those words. How were they going to get past it? She cuddled another of his shirt, too, scenting it desperately and hoping the musk and vanilla pheromones will quell the aching in her chest. Her omega was wailing, entirely and utterly distressed and seeking comfort. Allie was aware of the consequences. Perilous consequences for an unmated omega, especially an unmated pregnant omega, to fall victim to rejection. The omega only made it worse by isolating herself in between four walls, but she couldn’t help it. There’s only so many times she could scream for Rachel to come and watch sappy movies with her. Also, the dance studio closes in the afternoon, so the omega had no other way of distracting herself. Allie was physically incapable of getting up, shrinking in her nest until she’s wound into a ball. The omega started trembling, little steady quivers that racked her entire body. She was shivering, too, despite being wrapped in dozens of clothes and blankets, her hands clammy and feverish. Her eyelashes clumped together from her tears and teeth chattering. Her vision started getting blurry as she blinked through the tears. She was unable to move. She clutched at the fabrics, hard trying to


sniff at the scent. It faded to a ghost of what it was, a flimsy comfort against her cornered omega. Her throat was tight, lungs compressing and contracting in her chest as she struggled to breathe. More tears formed in her eyes, dribbling down her cheeks. Terror rose in her body. What was happening to her? Whatever it was, it isn’t good, she thought fearfully. She needed an Alpha—her Alpha. Laying entirely still, she fluttered her eyes shut. Bile was rising in her throat, nausea and sorrow intermingling as they clawed their way up, forcing her to sob harder. Her fingers went numb, pale and cold as she clung desperately to Nates clothes. “Alpha”, She croaked dazedly, voice barely audible. Then she recalled their conversation earlier and how Nate made it clear that nothing could ever happen between them. Her head started throbbing in pain, and she let out a tiny gasp, choking on her saliva. The buzz in her head grew louder and louder, overtaking everything else until she was left surrendered in darkness. And in this dark world, Allie faced her biggest fear—Nate abandoning her forever. “P-Please don’t leave me, Nate”, She murmured, her eyes still shut. “Please! I’ll do anything.” It felt like years had pa**ed by when the door to her room was pushed open. Footsteps echoed in her direction, and a worried voice cuts through the thick, suffocating silence. “Allie?” It’s familiar. As the scent got closer, she recognised it as Rachel. Her best friend. What was she doing here? Allie thought to herself. She was aware of Rachel trying to talk to her, voice slowly raising from mildly concerned to overwhelmingly panicked. Allie felt a hand squeezing her shoulder before hearing the words ‘I’m going to get Nate! Just hold on.’ Then silence followed. ***

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